GES 2020  Release

GPT recently released a new version of GES 2020. GES stands for Geological Evaluation System, an integrated software application for 2D geological evaluation and 3D geological modeling. It is a powerful and yet cost-efficient product for well correlation, log analysis, facies analysis, geological mapping, production analysis, reservoir section, 3D structure/facies/Petrophysical modeling, and well planning. GES offers a complete solution for geoscientists in their daily work.

In the GES2020 version, we released a new module, Rasterlog, which can directly use pictures to digitally form logging curve data, or directly use picture data for well log analysis, Well correlation and other geological work.

The Raster log calibration option grant users the possibility to evaluate accordingly the raster log。

After raster log calibration, users will be able to perform well correlation, log analysis, etc.

Well correlation on raster logs

Currently, the updated version of GES can be downloaded for trial, welcome to download.


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