GDS (GeoDesk System) takes geoscientists back to the good old days, when maps were drawn by hand. With touch screen and stylus, GDS operates on a multi-screen interactive system, and introduces a revolutionary change from mouse clicking to pen drawing. GDS perfectly combines hi-tech software and hardware to greatly improve work efficiency and accuracy.

GDS Apps

The GDS system consists of multiple professional applications. gData, gFacies, and gContour are three outstanding modules which specialize in different scenarios. 


Stylus Brings In Natural Drawing Experience

  • Digital ink

  • Multi-touch

  • Flexible editing

  • Ergonomic designs

Digital drawing brings the best mapping experience to geoscientists. From facies tracing to contour editing, geological mapping becomes more efficient and straightforward. Based on field tests, this innovative product improves map editing efficiency by 80% and mapping efficiency by 50%.

Geology-Controlled Automatic Facies Mapping

  • Based on a patented GPT facies mapping technology.

  • Quantify geological impact factor to control microfacies distribution

  • Multiple constraints including facies sequences, source direction, channel connectivity, etc...

Auto facies mapping takes multiple constraints into account: sedimentary model, facies sequence, contact relationship, source direction, channel connectivity, length-to-width ratio, etc. All these constraints are quantified by parametric modeling to achieve a mathematical description of the geological model.

Facies-constrained Isochore Mapping Technology

  • Multiple facies constraints and fault impact range settings

  • Auto or manual boundary constraint settings

  • Isochore mapping controlled by facies distribution

  • Optional manual editing

A reservoir isochore map is created using facies and structure map. With that, reservoir parameters can be populated into individual facies. Calibrated by well data and geological information, hydrocarbon bearing zones are easily identified.

Rich Editing Tools and Applications

  • Map trimming, merging, and error correcting

  • Data and map cross-checking and data overwriting

  • Volumetric calculation and report export