Powerful One-Button Quick Modeling


GES offers different modeling tools for various stages of field development. The 'One-Button' stochastic geological modeling module employs several geostatistical and simulation optimization technologies to simplify the modeling workflow. The modeling result honors well data, geological trends, and fluid distributions. For mature fields, GES' quick deterministic modeling is a fast tool which produces reliable 3D geomodel results. Key features include:

  • Auto-edit fault data

  • Auto-estimate thickness

  • Options for step-by-step manual or automatic execution

  • Auto-determine fault extensions, truncation relationships, and fault positions to match log picks

Interactive Structural Modeling


GES offers an interactive structural modeling module for complex cases. This module offers flexible manual-edit and semi-automatic processing tools to generate reasonable structural models with heavily-faulted geometries. Key features include:

  • Auto-edit fault truncation relationship

  • Structure QC tools

  • Flexible fault edit tools

  • Structural models honor users’ well picks

A Fault Model Containing 2436 Faults

Structural Section - Structural Modeling Result is 100% Coincident with Well Data

Professional Property Modeling


The property modeling module employs seismic attributes and geological analyses to constrain stochastic modeling results. This reduces stochastic method uncertainty and strengthens the reliability of the results. When adding new data to the model, the local update tool allows users to adjust the model near the new data, leaving the distal areas untouched. A smoothing tool can also be applied to blend the newly added data with the surrounding area. Key features include:

  • Models completely match well log interpretation

  • Saturation models agree with facies and fluid distributions

  • Models follow geological trends

  • Local update tools for grids, facies models and petrophysical models