GPT in ACE 2016

GPT made its AAPG debut at the 2016 Annual Convention and Exhibition in Calgary, Alberta. Two products for subsurface interpretation were introduced to the North American market. They are designed to improve work efficiency and lower the cost of software expenses. Despite the industry downturn, conference attendees showed great interests in GPT: 12 presentations in 3 days were all well received.

The first product, GPTModel, is our geologic modeling solution. It features a unique One Button stochastic modeling module which simplifies the geologic modeling workflow. Users also have the freedom to perform manual editing within individual steps throughout the process. On top of its geologic modeling capabilities, GPTModel also provides functionalities such as log interpretation, correlation, and geologic mapping. The conventional way of generating a model by utilizing multi software platforms is now taken care of by GPTModel alone.

Our second product is GDS (GeoDesk System), a geologic mapping system. A 27” touch screen and two auxiliary monitors are powered by GPT’s gFacies to draw facies maps using a stylus. Compared to mouse-clicking, the stylus-drawing experience significantly boosts work efficiency and is perfect for today’s fast paced environment. Tools like Autofacies minimizes the workload by creating facies maps automatically from log correlations, but also offers abundant tools for editing.


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