GPT in ATCE 2015

SPE ATCE 2015, GES Software, Geological Evaluation, Geological Modeling Professional

GPT had its first international appearance at the 2015 SPE Annual Technology Conference and Exhibition, in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1999, GPT is committed to providing upstream oil and gas companies with software applications for reservoir analysis and management. GPT has issued 1,000 permanent licenses to three major oil and gas companies, and 4,000 temporary licenses to potential clients and non-profit research institutions. GPT offers software solutions for seismic interpretation, log interpretation and correlation, geologic mapping and modeling, reservoir simulation, and production management. We also work closely with our clients to develop software platforms tailored to their specific requirements.

GPT sees the oil downturn differently than our competitors. While the whole industry is suffering, there are tremendous opportunities for those who are able to provide quality and budget-friendly software applications. The outreach to the North American market is a natural reflection of this strategy. GPT does not answer to its interest holders; instead, its business relies entirely on customer satisfaction. Such a model has brought GPT tremendous success the past 16 years, and we are thrilled to work with customers in North America for many years to come.