Workflow-led Scenarios


GES contains 10 modules including geological analysis, well log interpretation, and geological modeling, etc. By utilizing features from each module, GES provides three workflow scenarios (Geological Evaluation, Quick Geological Modeling, and Geological Evaluation and Geological Modeling) custom-designed for different stages of field development.

1.Geological Evaluation Scenario


This scenario is designed for the early to mid-stages of field development. It streamlines 2D geological analysis to providea quick geological and volumetric evaluation of target formations and regions.

2.Quick Geological Modeling Scenario


For cases where a quick 3D model is needed, Quick Geological Modeling has the perfect solution. It features ‘One-Button’ stochastic modeling and deterministic modeling modules to simplify the modeling procedure and deliver spatial property distributions and volumetric evaluation.

3.Geological Evaluation and Geological Modeling Scenario


A sophisticated workflow designed for detailed work. Users can utilize full geological analyses and modeling functionalityto reach a model that agrees with geological trends and production history.