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GPT is a software provider dedicated to upstream oil & gas companies.

We specialize in geological studies for well log interpretation, 2D geological mapping & 3D geological modeling.

Since the release of our first product GPTMap in 2005, GPT has issued more than 3,000 licenses globally and received positive feedback from our users. The GES (Geological Evaluation System) has integrated the best of smart modeling technologies with the most advanced algorithms and powerful 3D visualizations, providing a comprehensive tool for geological studies.

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Event History

  • 2021

    GPT's Global Reseller Convention is held online, companies from Nigeria, Pakistan, United Stateds and Egypt etc attended.
    The 6th Oil&Gas Reservoir Characterization and AI Application Conference successfully held in Chongqing China from September 27th to 30th.

  • 2020

    New website online.
    Realese GES2020 .

  • 2019

    PetroChina main exploration and development "dream cloud" platform signed strategic cooperation agreement. In addition, a developer and partner agreement was signed with Microsoft China.
    Sinopec Oil Field Department signed an enterprise version of the procurement contract, into the mainstream software directory.
    Daqing Oilfield signed an enterprise version of the contract, and in the domestic software list ranked first.
    The General manager hired corporate mentor after an agreement was signed with China University ofGeosciences (Wuhan) Institute ofResources.

  • 2017

    GES (Geological Evaluation System) was introduced to the North America market. It is a powerful, affordable, and integrated software innovation for well database management, well log interpretation, well correlation, geological evaluation and geological modeling.
    GPT became a platinum sponsor of the 100th AAPG Anniversary and Annual Convention & Exhibition.
    GPT donated 10 GPTModel licenses to the University of North Dakota.

  • 2016

    The leadership team had Mr. Ganghui 'Billy' Yuan as the CEO, Mr. Shucun ‘Alex’ Jiao as the VP of Technology, and Mr. Jianjun Qi as the Senior Technical Advisor and Manager of Daqing Technology Center. The founder of GPT, Mr. Zhijun ‘Justin’ Qin, served as the Chairman of the board.
    The Houston office was established.
    GPT participated the AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition in Calgary, Canada.
    GeoDesk System (GDS) was invented. This system was a pioneer in geological mapping techniques and greatly improves work productivity.
    GPT donates 2.5-million-dollars in software to Daqing Vocational College.
    Mr. Zhijun ‘Justin’ Qin’s book "Weekly Letter: To My Employees" was published. It recorded the roadmap of GPT from a startup to a leading software provider for geological evaluation.

  • 2013

    GPT donated a total of 3-million-dollar software to China University of Petroleum (Beijing) and Xi’an Shiyou University.
    GPT became a gold sponsor of The 6th Annual Meeting of Chinese Association of Petroleum Geologists.
    A four-level service networks was established to provide the best service to our customers.

  • 2012

    GPT donated a total of 7-million-dollars software to Chengdu University of Technology, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), China University of Petroleum, and Northeast Petroleum University.
    Four more service stations were added to the network: Jidong, Tarim, Zhenzhou and Hailar.
    Department of Consulting Services was established. Software development and sales, customization, and consulting services became the three core services.

  • 2011

    I-Geoseis was developed for seismic and geological interpretation.
    Our symbolic service hotline '820 Customer Care' was initiated to provide clients with best-in-class customer care from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week.
    GPT donated 2.5-million-dollars in software to Southwest Petroleum University.
    Department of Software Customization was established, with offices in Beijing, Daqing, Nanjing and Xi’an.

  • 2009

    Project GPTPlan – Production Management and Decision-Making System was initiated. GPTPlan was GPT’s first customization software, and introduced a brand-new solution to our clients: GPT offers software customization service tailored to the individual needs.
    GPT donated 1-million-dollars in software to Yangtze University.
    Four more service stations were added to the network: Jiangsu, Yingchuan, Liaohe, and Tuha.

  • 2008

    Beijing Jinsanyuan Huachang Technology, Inc. became Beijing Goldensun Petroleum Technologies, Inc. after reorganization. The new company is also known as GPT.
    Zhongyuan, Shengli, Xinjiang, and Henan were added to the service network.

  • 2007

    GPTModel, a geological modeling software application, was developed. With GPTMap, GPTLog and GPTModel, a product line began to form.
    Donated 200 licenses of GPTModel and GPTMap to Northeast Petroleum University.

  • 2006

    Developed GPTLog, our well log and geological interpretation software.
    Due to our dedication to the best customer service, we introduced our service network starting with four service stations: Daqing, Jilin, Changqing, and Dagang.

  • 2005

    GPTMap, our first proprietary software, was commercialized. In our history, this milestone marked our full commitment to software development for subsurface challenges.

  • 2002

    The Canada office was established in Calgary, Alberta.

  • 1999

    Beijing Jinsanyuan Huachang Technology, the predecessor of GPT, was founded in Beijing. Started out as an IT equipment retail company, and gradually expanded its business to the software market.