Histogram Correction

Wells are often logged over decades, with different vintages, logging tools, and vendors. In the same well and interval, different logging companies could have different readings on a certain property. Normalization is therefore critical to position logs onto the same baseline. Only after normalization a geoscientist can apply universal parameters to all wells for petrophysical property calculation. In GES, the normalization tool is embedded in Histogram.


Two methods can be selected when normalizing curves: Single Points and Two Points.


                                       Fig. Single Point Method                                       Fig. Two Point Method


Fig. Infill(left) and fill(right) the model well


Steps to perform Histogram Correction in GES:

· Go to Geological Evaluation Scenario/Geology & Modeling Scenario → Log Analysis → Histogram Correction

· Click Add Well → Select Well → Click OK → Choose Log Name → Choose Stratigraphy Scheme → Choose Top/Bottom Horizon → Choose Model Well → Click OK

· Click Axis to set X/Y axis and histogram header

· Click Normalize → Select method → Click OK

· Click Fill Model Well → Save Curve