Reservoir Section

Reservoir section is to analysis reservoir relationship and reservoir type.


Fig. An example of reservoir section 


Steps to perform Reservoir Section in GES:

· Go to Geological Evaluation scenario/Geology & Modeling ScenarioGeology EvaluationReservoir Section

· Choose Create Cross Section Line → Click Select well → Click OK

· Set Vertical Scale, Horizontal Scale and Depth Range on Scale Settings ribbon bar

· Click one well column → right clickAdd track → Add the track you want to display → Click well logs column in window → Go to Property pane → Select Data Name in Basic Label

· Click the well column again → Right clickApply Well Template

· Click discrete log track header, discrete attribute can be edit by using Discrete Logs Editing ribbon bar

· Click discrete log track header → click Edit Connect → Click the discrete segment of one well, and then click another discrete segment on another well