NTG Modeling

To build a NTG model, GES calculates if each grid is an effective grid (meets cutoff filter) for hydrocarbon. ‘0’ is no and ‘1’ is yes. This method requires cutoff properties such as porosity and permeability. For example, when porosity is above 12% and perm is above 140 mD, the grid is assigned to 1, meaning it is reservoir rock. Otherwise, the grid is assigned 0, meaning non-reservoir rock.


Fig. NTG modeling interface and an example of NTG model


Steps to perform NTG Modeling in GES:

· Go to Model pane → Click the model grid you want to updating

· Go to Geology & Modeling ScenarioReservoir ModelingNTG Modeling

· Select property model for each condition, and use either ‘And’ or ‘Or’ to specify the logical relationship among different conditions