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Horizontal Well Plan

In the exploration and development of oil and gas fields, horizontal wells have gradually become the key technology for exploration and development due to the advantage of penetrating long oil layers, obtaining more geological information and more efficient development. As an effective way to production and recovery, horizontal well technology has been widely used in the world.


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GeoSteering Drilling

Whether the horizontal well can achieve its drilling purpose and obtain expected production, Geosteering drilling technology play an important role. Through the real-time comparison between the actual drilling and design profile, the model can be corrected in time to ensure that horizontal well trajectory can accurately enter the target layer. When horizontal trajectory deviates from target layer, lithology change, abnormal gas measurement etc., Geosteering drilling data can be used to provide trajectory adjustment plan to ensure drilling encounter rate of oil and gas layers.


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Well Pad Design

Large cluster horizontal wells can help efficiently explore shale gas resources. Compared with vertical wells and inclined wells, cluster horizontal wells can protect environment, reduce land acquisition and road repair costs, facilitate centralized management, improve comprehensive development level, reduce pre-drilling engineering workload, simplify surface gathering and transportation process, and reduce management cost and production construction investment, improve economic benefits. cluster horizontal wells is a development mode that conforms to trend.


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