Log Processing

Data quality for raw well log data is sometimes problematic. Log data must be edited before it can be applied to calculate petrophysical properties. Log Preprocessing module in GES is designed to make this process much simpler.


There are diverse curve editing tools in GES to meet logging processing requirements, including Move Vertically, Move Horizontally, Baseline Shift, Smooth Curve, Draw Curve, Outlier Processing, Resample and Merge Curve.


Fig. Infill (left) and fill (right) the model well


Steps to perform Log Processing in GES:

· Go to Geological Evaluation scenario/Geology & Modeling Scenario → Log Analysis → Log Processing

· Select a well → Click OK → Click well column → Right clickAdd Well logs track → Set Depth Range → Click OK

· Click Well logs track in window → Go to Property pane → Basic Label → Choose a curve for Data Name

· Click Well logs track in window → Active Modify Curve → Choose Log Processing method → Save Curve