Powerful Data Management


GES is fully compatible with common geographic, geological, geophysical, and well data formats. The flexible import and export engines strongly facilitate data transfer between different software platforms such as Petrel, RMS, Eclipse, etc. The powerful data management module allows users to display, quality control, and evaluate data of various disciplines and formats in a seamless fashion. Key features include:

  • Import data as ASCII text, CSV, Shapefile, image, LAS, etc.

  • Convenient data statistics and QC tools

  • Search and filter data by name or type

  • Data interface for RMS, Petrel, OpenWorks, IESX, Kingdom, Petra, etc.

*Petrel and IESX are Schlumberger software, Petra and Kingdom are IHS software, RMS is Emerson software, and OpenWorks is Halliburton Software.

Convenient Data Visualization


GES provides various means to display well, geographic, geological, and geophysical data, as well as geological modeling outputs. Spreadsheets, well log sections, reservoir cross-sections, 2D maps, and 3D windows can all be used for various display purposes:

  • Data 'drag & drop': display data instantaneously

  • 1D, 2D, and 3D display windows for data QC and analysis

  • Perfect integration of manual editing and auto-processing allows geoscientists to visualize their concepts and interpretations

  • Publication-quality maps have you covered for meetings with clients or management