Complete individual workflows for 2D geological evaluation and 3D geological modeling

Powerful data management for geological, geographic, geophysical, engineering and well data

Interactive tool for single-well log interpretation, multi-well correlation, and geological mapping

One-button stochastic modeling for fully optimizing the 3D modeling flow

Three built-in scenarios for natural geological workflow culminating in best possible user experience


GES contains 10 modules including geological analysis, well log interpretation, and geological modeling, etc. By utilizing features from each module, GES provides three workflow scenarios (Geological Evaluation, Quick Geological Modeling, and Geological Evaluation and Geological Modeling) custom-designed for different stages of field development.

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 The flexible import and export engines strongly facilitate data transfer between different software platforms, while the data module allows users to display, quality control, and evaluate data of various disciplines and formats in a seamless fashion.

The geological analysis module displays interpretations in interactive maps and well-sections to instantly ensure the reliability of the results. 

This module features powerful log preprocessing for quick log correction and normalization of various log vintages, operators, and environments.

The facies analysis module employs methods such as grain size and mineral composition analyses for sedimentary facies type and source direction.

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Stratigraphic & structural boundaries and fluid contact data can be incorporated into geological interpretations to build reservoir properties, thickness, fluid distribution maps, and reservoir cross-sections.

The 'One-Button' stochastic geological modeling module employs several geostatistical and simulation optimization technologies to simplify the modeling workflow. 

Based upon geological analysis, modeling, and production history, users can evaluate volumetrics and their uncertainty in 2D and 3D. 

The well plan module can accurately locate drilling targets, calculate well trajectory considering multi-constraints, and export the designed well plan in several ASCII formats.

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